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Welcome to the official website of the American Alliance of Hypnotists

Mission Statement


The American Alliance of Hypnotists is dedicated to its online hypnosis certification classes.

This is because our founder, Dr. Steve G. Jones, believes firmly that hypnosis is a major part of the future of healing in a world which is becoming more enlightened about non drug-based therapies. Though we do not dispute the value of traditional medicine in many cases, we fully embrace a model of health care which emphasizes the power of the individual’s mind in healing and general well-being. Therefore, we remain vigilant in our successful efforts to educate people about hypnosis.

Aside from those who are full-time hypnotists, you will also find in our membership medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, acupuncturists, etc. These professionals realize the power of hypnotism and incorporate hypnosis techniques in their practices.

You will also find stage hypnotists who have chosen to demonstrate the power of hypnosis to large groups of people at once.

We believe that all practices and demonstrations of hypnosis by trained professionals result in the promotion of knowledge about the individual’s immense mental power. We further feel that these actions will lead open-minded people to a more enlightened approach to taking full control of their everyday lives.

Under the leadership of Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist, the American Alliance of Hypnotists has members in 47 countries.

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Special announcement from Dr. Jones:


Fall 2017 Online Hypnosis Training Classes are now forming. I encourage all potential students to visit the registration page now.





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